An act of flatulence which occurs whilst running long distances; thereby leaving a several mile long pungent smoke trail in your wake.
Dave: What is that smell?
Jamin: It must be Matt, skywriting
Dave: That is foul! Maybe that is how he is so good, because he poisons all the other runners behind him!
by semenhampus April 13, 2011
Top Definition
n. The process of expelling a fart while traveling on a crowded escalator.
Steve was skywriting all day at the mall after his lunch of beans and rice.
by acwest December 31, 2009
Similar to cropdusting, it is when one emits farts intermittently while walking in front of others, many time accompanied by sporadic noises.
man, that old guy is skywriting in front of us, everytime he steps he farts at us...ewwww
by Jeff R March 31, 2007
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