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an area located in south seattle best known for its for its drive by shootings, and welfare moms.
"WEE WOO, WEE WOO, WEE WOO" (Police Siren)
All day, Everyday
#skyway #seattle hood #ghetto #renton #crime
by SouthSideSoulja101 October 05, 2010
where the busiest place is called the basket case
what's that smell? Skyway
#the getto #murky water #smelly #ups shoot outs #welfare capital of the world
by bilo April 02, 2006
For two guys to put a clear tube in both of their assholes and shit back and forth.
Those two dudes skywayed eachother harcore!
#anal #gay sex #balls deep #rodeo #marge
by bigbosshog March 19, 2007
When two people place a tube (preferably clear) in between their assholes and poop back and forth into eachothers assholes.
"Hey doug! wanna give me a Skyway later?"

"Sure, i'd love to place a tube (preferably clear) in between our assholes and poop back and forth into eachothers assholes."
#sex #anal #butthole #shit #poop #fart #clear #happy
by Big Money Cash Hoe August 05, 2007
When two people connect their assholes with a plastic tube, preferably clear. They take turns pooping, sending eachothers poop back and forth until either the skyway is full or their bowels are empty.
Think of a bustling metro skyway, except instead of business people passing through, it is human excrement.

A: "I have to poop"
B: "I have to poop too"
A: "Wanna skyway?"
B: "Is that even a question"

#skyway #sky #way #poop #asshole #shit
by nile billy November 11, 2007
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