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The Scenario: You're driving along on a relatively deserted two-lane highway, at night, in the right-hand lane. You encounter another vehicle, either behind you or in front of you, in either lane. Eventually, the other vehicle ends up in the left lane, about half a car-length behind you. If the driver had half a brain and basic knowledge of highway driving, they would either pass you, or merge behind you. Instead, it's some brain-dead moron who matches your speed exactly and stays in the same place, thus blinding you with headlights into your side-view mirror. It's especially annoying with a truck or SUV.

The Maneuver: Check your rear-view to make sure there's nobody behind you in your lane. Apply the brakes firmly; not enough to leave rubber behind, but enough for significant deceleration. If you have a manual transmission, or the fairly new "semi-automatic" or "manumatic" transmission, then you should also downshift in order to heighten the effect. The dumbass in the other lane will then fly by you. The advantages are twofold: the other driver will likely be confused about your sudden braking and worry that you saw something that they missed, and also you're now in a perfect position to aim your lights into their side-view mirror, thereby turning the tables.
The Skywalker Speeder Bike Maneuver is named in honor of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. In Star Wars episode VI: Return of the Jedi, he went from having two Imperial Scout Troopers on his 6 o'clock to having them at his 12 o'clock, where he quickly dispatched them.
by klopek007 April 06, 2010
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