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An intense feeling of orgasmic-like pleasure when first experiencing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.
Fanboy 1: Dude have you played Skyrim yet??
Fanboy 2: Yeah man I did, best Skyrimjob ever.
by FluffyRhino November 07, 2011
In celebration of Skyrim a person on the receiving end will dress up like a dragon while the giver is dressed in fur and a viking helmet and preforms a rimjob on the receiver.
At the midnight launch of Skyrim, Sally and I quick went to the bathroom and I gave her a filthy Skyrimjob.
by Muttonman November 09, 2011
Getting sexually satisfied by Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Man 1: Dude have you seen the new Elder Scrolls trailer?!

Man 2: Are you kidding me, man? It gave me a Skyrim-job!!!
by xman2008 April 03, 2011
the act of receiving a rim job (anal cunnilingus) while playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Jenny came over while I was playing Skyrim. I refused to stop playing, so she gave me a skyrimjob!
by Noor Alikhan Fateh November 18, 2011
giving someone a rim job
..While taking an arrow to the knee
GUARD: "I used to be a young skyrim jobber like you, then i took an arrow to the knee"
by Daikatana8 December 21, 2011
The act of recieving a rim job while playing the game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Person 1: I got a Skyrim job last night!

Person 2: Lucky! I didn't even get a rim job! Let alone a Skyrim Job!
by GlassVial December 15, 2011
1. When someone puts more hours into (The Elder Scrolls V) Skyrim, than they do their actual job. (assuming they have one)

2. A sexual act involving The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
"So where's Todd?"

"Oh, he's working the 'Sky-rim job'."

"I've been there dood"
by The Sixth House November 28, 2011