The act of giving a rim job to someone who is elevated in the air, either by you holding them up, or other means.
"Did you see Dave giving Anne some Skyrim?"
by St3rn44 November 10, 2011
The art of getting rimmed in the sky.
*Pigeon flies up arse*
-1,000 feet in the air-
"ARGH! I'm so fucked! But yet this Skyrim is seemingly pleasurable"
by VIGiraffe November 08, 2011
The worst elder scrolls game of all time. It was only pretty. It had a meh combat system but oblivion looked was better. Did not have the depth and story of morrowind or oblivion. Do not get. Its only redeeming quality was its modding community.
Person 1:skyrim sucked.

Person 2:Yeah! Oblivion and morrowind

Idiot who has never played elder scrolls before; SKYRIM IS THE BEST JUST LIKE REPUBLICANS AND XBOX AND CALL OF DUTY!!
by totesofficalcameronpearce May 01, 2013
A rimjob given while hanging from the ceiling or other way of suspending one's self in the air. Considered a game to some people.
I asked Ted if he got to try skyrim yet. But he said his hardware wasn't up to it, and he got a face full of poop.
by Bip Bip Daniels December 11, 2010
The act of receiving a rim-job on an airplane.
Kaylen Stagner totally gave me a skyrim on the flight to Seatle.
by RickyScholman July 12, 2011
A variation of the mile high club, where instead of having intercourse, you receive a classic rim job at exactly 1 mile in the air, or 35000 feet, you choice. Also the 5th title in the Elder Scrolls series.
Scott got caught by the flight attendant giving his life partner a premature skyrim, as they were only at 17000 feet.
by Deputydog April 14, 2011
A rim job, but in the air.
Dude, I totally just skyrimmed my girlfriend on my trampoline last night.
by Dpad DLX April 27, 2011
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