A sexual act wherein the anus and asscrack are slathered in marshmallow fluff prior to a rim job
She wanted some s'mores, I wanted a rim job, so I compromised by letting her give me a Skyrim.
by mosshollow December 09, 2011
The act of giving/receiving a rimjob on an airplane.
Like Omg, that male flight attendant gave me a Skyrim

No way! Is that the same thing as a Call of Doody?
by #SuperAtMastu...Hastags December 28, 2011
Soul sucking video game with epicness so powerful men favor it over having sex with their girl friends. -_-
SkyRim, give me my fella back!
by rawryrawr November 13, 2011
A Woman/or Man preforming a Rim Job in High Latitudes.
Hey bro you play SkyRim yet?
NO! that's nasty. Why the hell would I do that to somebody?
by SuperJohn13 December 22, 2011
A sexual position where you get a rimjob or analigus, while dangling from one's genitals. Once ejaculation has been met, the genitals are then removed and the partner falls to their death.
Girl 1 - "I heard you gave John a Skyrim."
Girl 2 - "Yeah he had me do it to him off of the 10th floor."
by MrCata November 13, 2011
When you get a rimjob in an airplanne bathroom.
We wanted to do something even better then the mile high club, so we skyrimed.
by r.smith0212 January 16, 2012
Giving a rim job while on a plane.
My girlfriend gave me a Skyrim during our flight to New York.
by Neenaa November 28, 2011

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