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Cooperative video masturbation via skype. Choking the rooster while she plays with her pie and milkshakes over the interwebs.
Person 1 - "What did you do last night?"
Person 2 - "I got a skypejob from my girlfriend."

Person A - "Guess what I did last night."
Person B - "What?"
Person A - "I met this girl on Facebook last week and she gave me her skype name. I called her up last night and she gave me the best skypejob I've ever had."
Person B - "Fuckin' sweet!"
by Noble Ashballs February 15, 2011
1. A Skypejob is partaking in any sexual activity, especially stripping, with another person through skyping, or online video chatting.
Boy 1: Hey, what did you do last night?
Boy 2: Got a fucking skypejob from this bitch
Boy 1: A skypejob? What's that?
Boy 2: She stripped and showed me her tits.
by YA BOY J February 12, 2012
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