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The act of taking your computer to bed and either deliberately or inadvertently falling asleep when talking to a friend on Skype and waking many hours later or the next day to find they have done the same.
Example 1.

Friend 1: "Hey whatcha doing Friday night, wanna come over and watch lame television...?"

Friend 2: "Nah man." "I'm gunna call my girl on Skype while she's away at that convention, we're planning on having a Skype Sleepover."

Example 2.

Friend 1: "Dude you were on Skype all night last night WTF!!!"

Friend 2: "Yeah sorry bro I was talking to that little hottie I met on Facebook and we both fell asleep, it was an accidental Skype sleepover."
by DarylJames September 28, 2011