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"Dude Airline X is so cool! It's equipped with Sky-Fi!
by gyt76koiya November 18, 2010
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A brand of XM Satellite Radio tuners manufactured by Delphi that allows you to listen to 130 channels of music, talk, sports and traffic from coast to coast. Also requires subscription and a homekit, carkit or boombox to operate. Succeeded by the SkyFi2 in November of 2004.
With this SkyFi tuner we can listen to music all across the country.

The new SkyFi2 will allow XM to kick some Sirius ass
by Agent J November 14, 2004
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Refers to the mysterious WiFi connections that wireless app / device users get when they are walking around outside. Usually they are in close proximity to someone's WiFi network but can really know whose. It is as if the connection just came from the sky.
I love this part of town. My PDA is connected on SkyFi the whole time I am down here.
by Paul August 23, 2004
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