to give a guy a blow peanut butter... and blow him again.
girls who love peanut butter and penis totally dig giving skydancers
#syn. birdfeeder #suckynuttysucky #suckysnack #penis butter #peanutbuttrer head
by sisterfriend February 12, 2008
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Sky Dancers, popular dolls from the 90s that whizz up in the air but you cant control them so they will fly into anything.

They caused many injuries too.
Watch out! Sky Dancers!
#sky dancer #fly #whizz #90s #dolls
by 90s girl December 19, 2010
A Hippy; tree-hugger
LOVES santana
Hey Skydancer! Go sit in a tree for a week so that people cant cut it down and build homes so that we dont have to live in the mud!!!
#skydancer #tree hugger #ass hole #santana lover #dork
by My Chemical Romance. June 18, 2006
large dancing inflatables, filled with air from fans in the feet of them. Also known as Wacky waving arm flailing tube men as see in Family Guy Tv show
as seen at the Super Bowl, Miss America, the Grammy Awards, music videos and car lots all over the world. Skydancers make any event or business get more attention.
#inflatables #wacky #waving #tubemen #airdancer
by Skydancer December 11, 2008
skanky slut
Dawn is a skydancer
by JJ September 12, 2003
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