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Both a Skank and a Slut, together in one. Originated and made popular when mistyping out the word "slut" and hitting the K on the keyboard, instead.

Also see skore (skank + whore).
Katy Perry is the biggest skut in the music industry I know. Even moreso than that skore, Gaga.
by Mcheetah September 14, 2012
0 1
skank and slut together make skut.
wat a fukin skut!
by jamsee November 02, 2003
138 51
Having or pertaining qualities of both a skank and a slut

Oh my GOD Pricilla, look at what she is wearing...that skanks skirt is so slutty, it is barely covering her big ass, what a skut!!!
by Christopher Walsh September 13, 2003
91 36
A woman of trailer trash descent skank who is extremely promiscuous slut in her daily activities. Must dress scantily and perform sexual activities for a fee.
That skut is ugly and charges way too much.
by J Event April 13, 2008
47 25
A combination of a slut and a skank; having both qualities.
Man, that girl is a skut.
by sterling true September 02, 2007
47 26
Skut is a combination of skank and slut.
It can be used as a more harsh term when in an argument and will certainly confuse the other person and possibly end the conversation.
1)Lindsey Lohan acts like such a skut
2)Dont talk to Riley, she will act like a skut around anyone who talks to her.
by Laneio June 29, 2013
1 0
A dirty old nasty bitch, who when you take off her panties and throw them at the wall, they stick.
Look at those panties on the wall.

A skut most have been here.
by HisAngelPrincess August 27, 2010
13 12
a term for someone smelling like skunk and butt
Ughh, somebody smells like skut.
Every time I see Paige she smells like skut.
by beast baller#35 May 12, 2012
1 1