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On the rare occurance that one meets a female with a glass eye, one must proceed to initate this process. When a male skullfucks a female while teabagging her at the same time. Thought to be a myth/legend, but a few reported incidents give us all hope. Level of awesomeness: Impossible to measure.
No example is needed it should be self explanitory. Every male must skullbag a female at one point in their life.
by My.Favorite.Word.Is.Twat. April 02, 2007
a chick wuith tits so big, it hurts your kneck when she rests them on your head
I was sitting there minding my own business at the titty baR, when all of a suddon some chick plopped her tits on my head so hard it hurt my kneck
by Big Nation March 28, 2003