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Being extremely high. An unbelievable feeling.
We all went over to his apartment and got extremely skull fucked.

Who knows whats in that weed; it will defiantly get you skull fucked.
by Ruby_22 November 22, 2010
Skull fuck or skull fucking is when a man sicks his dick into an un natural hole in a corpes head
The 3rd view gang has crazy ganstas that will skull fuck a bitch at times.
by Stray May 10, 2004
To confuse or to become confused by someone.
Dude he was saying all this crazy shit and I just got completely skullfucked.
by Jables123 June 03, 2009
Confused to the the point of near pain; psychologically unstable
That movie Jacob's Ladder will leave you seriously skull fucked.
by shakezilla May 12, 2004
A song by producers (Drum & Bass) "Corrupt Souls", US.
Appeared on Label BlackSunEmpire (BSE007).
"We spent the night dancing on Skullfucked"
by Chinim July 12, 2006
Completely pissed (drunk)
I was skullfucked last night
by DCoyle07 June 08, 2005
to get severley jewbobbed or trickbagged
Man,you really got skullfucked on that deal!
by TokerX August 25, 2003