The nickname for members of the Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity.
The Skulls are having a party tonight.
by Matt August 28, 2004
Top Definition
Humorous name for oral sex.
Okay, okay Monica so u don't like anal... well, gimme some skull then, hon...
Ahh, and have a cigar...
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
To drink an entire beverage in one go
Are we off already? Jeez, I'll have to skull this beer then.
by skander December 11, 2006
place where brain lives
It cut his head up pretty bad, you could see his skull.
by 1337 g33k January 29, 2003
Oral sex, head.
That girl gave me some amazing skull.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
Another word for a female sucking cock. " Oh baby, give me some skull!!" It's the same thing as saying give me some head, or give me some brain. Cock-sucking words are great!!
Man, last night, I met this bitch at the club, and we went and got a drink, then went and sat in a booth. Then, oh my, she pulled out my pen** and gave me skull, right in the damn club!! No lie!!
by C.E.O. December 01, 2006
what the hardcore kids give instead of head.

see skull fuck.
Hardcore kid: "Do get head or skull?"
Unsuspecting human: "Wha... What?"
by not jos October 29, 2008
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