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Skull fuck or skull fucking is when a man sicks his dick into an un natural hole in a corpes head
The 3rd view gang has crazy ganstas that will skull fuck a bitch at times.
by Stray May 10, 2004
Confused to the the point of near pain; psychologically unstable
That movie Jacob's Ladder will leave you seriously skull fucked.
by shakezilla May 12, 2004
Being extremely high. An unbelievable feeling.
We all went over to his apartment and got extremely skull fucked.

Who knows whats in that weed; it will defiantly get you skull fucked.
by Ruby_22 November 22, 2010
To confuse or to become confused by someone.
Dude he was saying all this crazy shit and I just got completely skullfucked.
by Jables123 June 03, 2009
A song by producers (Drum & Bass) "Corrupt Souls", US.
Appeared on Label BlackSunEmpire (BSE007).
"We spent the night dancing on Skullfucked"
by Chinim July 12, 2006
to get severley jewbobbed or trickbagged
Man,you really got skullfucked on that deal!
by TokerX August 25, 2003
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