The equivalent to "cyber sex" or "sexting" over video chat on skype.
Lisa: How's the long distance relationship going?
Jenny: It was hard at first but last night we were skucking.
Lisa: Ahhh the joys of skype.
by Brinini May 21, 2010
Top Definition
Dude, i just skucked this babe in my chem class last night!
by EmilyChristopher August 30, 2009
A combination of Skank and Suck. Can be used as any part of speech. Usually used as an insult.
Noun: You're a Skuck.
Verb: You Skuck.
Adjective: That's skucky.
Adverb: You did that very skuckily.

by The Skuck August 15, 2007
Really cool.
I like your shoes. Those shoes are skucks.
by Mooseymoosemoose November 13, 2010
ridiculous unwarranted luck that only the most aloof doofus could attain.
Skersbotka just tripped over his own feet and his face landed in the snatch of a perfect 10 model, that is such skuck
by Skersbotka August 01, 2007
A negative reference to someone's feet.
"Get your dirty, smelly skucks off my lap!"
by Mags77 July 06, 2009
the action of skull fucking someone.
When she passed out, he skucked her good.
by Liane March 02, 2005
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