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Dude, i just skucked this babe in my chem class last night!
by EmilyChristopher August 30, 2009
22 2
A combination of Skank and Suck. Can be used as any part of speech. Usually used as an insult.
Noun: You're a Skuck.
Verb: You Skuck.
Adjective: That's skucky.
Adverb: You did that very skuckily.

by The Skuck August 15, 2007
33 19
Really cool.
I like your shoes. Those shoes are skucks.
by Mooseymoosemoose November 13, 2010
5 1
The equivalent to "cyber sex" or "sexting" over video chat on skype.
Lisa: How's the long distance relationship going?
Jenny: It was hard at first but last night we were skucking.
Lisa: Ahhh the joys of skype.
by Brinini May 21, 2010
2 2
ridiculous unwarranted luck that only the most aloof doofus could attain.
Skersbotka just tripped over his own feet and his face landed in the snatch of a perfect 10 model, that is such skuck
by Skersbotka August 01, 2007
12 12
A negative reference to someone's feet.
"Get your dirty, smelly skucks off my lap!"
by Mags77 July 06, 2009
1 3
the action of skull fucking someone.
When she passed out, he skucked her good.
by Liane March 02, 2005
13 18