A huge perfectly rolled spliff
we just blazed a skubby!
by skubby88 August 06, 2010
Top Definition
A psychic, sexually exhilarating dog that excels in hand to hand combat ( also known as 1 vs 1 me fgt ) , and is a master at all things masculine. Stop using IRC to find definitions.
Handsome Hunk Dog - Sup brawh

Stupid kid - You're so sexy and masculine, just like Skubby
by TotallyNotSkubby March 22, 2013
Is the combination of the words skinny and chubby. Skubby generally refers to females and not males. A girl who is skubby is neither skinny nor chubby but instead is somewhere in between. A skubby girl has enough meat on her bones to be curvy but not considered overweight. A skubby girl is often considered to have the the most attractive body type.
1. She's too skinny but her friend is skubby.
2. I set my friend up on a blind date with this hot skubby girl from my humanities class.
3. She'd be sexier if she was skubby.
by Wotko December 21, 2013
A contraction of the words "skinny" and "chubby". Used to describe a woman who is thin, but has absolutely no muscle tone, giving her a somewhat flabby appearance despite her being skinny.
A: That girl has a pretty good body.
B: Why because she's thin? She looks a little jello-y.
A: I can see that now.
B: Dude, she's totally skubby.
by crassy-crass August 03, 2010
Scubby is a mixture of the words skinny and chubby. Its for those girls that are in between the two.
An example of a skubby girl would be kim kardashian, shes skinny, yet you see the chubby girl within her. some may say shes skinny, while other chubby. Therefore, she fits the world skubby perfectly.
by Matthew Rosa February 10, 2009
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