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1. Someone That Is Mentally Unstable, An Seems To make A Dick Out Of Himself Without Him Knowing It.

2. An insult To somone, adding other words before or after to increase maximum capabilities.

3. A Pair Of Balls.
1. "Dam Did You See That Skroat Today, He Always Acts Like an Asshole Around Punk Rock Bitches."

2. Shut Up You Pussy Skroat, Your Not Going Hit my Blunt Without Throwin Down.

3. Haha Yeah Last Night I Told That Beezy To Lick My Skroat Too an She Did It.
by JzaMain December 09, 2009
Someone with extreme talent; a winner; a non conformist
"Did you see that skroat on the drums, man?" "He can really play!"
by HolyDiver March 05, 2007
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