A dildo that vibrates to dubstep.
Suzie always knows that Skrillex can do the job.
by missconduit May 18, 2012
1. To dominate Beatport Top 10 Charts with your own tracks (8/10 tracks minimum)

2. The ability to make your own synthesizers sound like heavy-ass machinery and/or transformers having anal sex.
Deadmau5 is skrillexing!
What the fuck. Are you serious?

That synth sounds like shit.
Wait, i'll skrillex it.
by davver January 25, 2011
Skrillex means "to smell really, really bad" in Armenian.

Sonny Moore (Lead singer of band; From First To Last) has 'Skrillex' tattooed on the inside of his bottom lip. It is said to be his alter-ego Or that's what I've heard anyway
Ew! You're skrillex! (That's wrong, by the way)
by Katrinna August 01, 2006
A badass dubstep creator who creates a genre of music called dubstep, he is the hottest in the spotlight right now and makes tunes that will blow your eardrums away
Man 1: did you hear skrillex last night?
Man 2: no, was he good?
Man 1: best artist ever?
by alecsimbo February 13, 2012
What my sub-woofer lost its virginity to.
After feeling the orgasmic vibrations throughout my body I knew that my sub-woofer had just lost its virginity to Skrillex.
by mecouch November 07, 2011
Skrillex is sex
Is that Skrillex?

by SkrillexFan August 18, 2011
Jesus in a human body.
Can be seen at concerts, possibly a cause of dubstep/electro addiction.

And one of the best dubstep/electronic music artists right now.
Dude 1: have you heard the new skrillex song?
Dude 2: Which one?

by CreedNap June 22, 2011

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