Geeky shitmusic made by a faggy geek for geeks. The lead vocalist is a hyper-pitched mouse.
The track 'Kill EVERYBODY' by Skrillex epitomises the vengeful fantasy of homosexual nerds.
by rpr August 01, 2012
to skrillex = too run out , finish something
are you gonna skrillex that burger
i just skrillexed the vodka
by lord stig June 06, 2013
An artist that makes music by putting screws in a toilet and then flushing.

Everyone: *facepalm*
by The Fucking Illuminati August 13, 2012
The most overated artist in the history of modern music. he sounds like shit and doesnt even deserve to be called a dubstep artist. his music sound about as good as fingernails on a chalkboard. if you say skrillex is good youre full of shit. if you want a good dubstep artist listen to bassnectar
man this guy was listening to skrillex the other day and i was like what the fuck man. go listen to some real dubstep
by admiral dubstep August 01, 2013
An unoriginal overrated talentless "music group" who get paid to make obnoxious computer generated noises over and over again until the entire crowd has gone braindead and wants to kill themselves. the fact that this skrillex is actually popular shows how braindead most of the population is. A typical Skrillex concert consists of an autistic geek pounding on an electrical keyboard for an hour while the intelligent people in the crowd want to rush the stage and beat the holy hell out of the lead guy/girl.
Braindead guy: Skrillex is awesome!

Me: i can make the same music in my basement.
by 9undeadlives December 24, 2011
Synonym for faggot, homo, queer, and/or pathetic
Wow, that Skrillex sure loves the cock
by I hope Skrillex dies January 09, 2013
1. To dominate Beatport Top 10 Charts with your own tracks (8/10 tracks minimum)

2. The ability to make your own synthesizers sound like heavy-ass machinery and/or transformers having anal sex.
Deadmau5 is skrillexing!
What the fuck. Are you serious?

That synth sounds like shit.
Wait, i'll skrillex it.
by davver January 25, 2011
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