An artist that makes music by putting screws in a toilet and then flushing.

Everyone: *facepalm*
by The Fucking Illuminati August 13, 2012
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from the Latin root word "skrillisus" meaning "Homosexual Satan Wasp"
My frat brother and I went to a Skrillex concert; little did I know that meant being ass-raped by a giant flying insect.
by February 14, 2012
One of the hottest dubstep artists currently out. Signed to Mau5trap recordings
Yea dude it was sick, Skrillex tore up the opening with some dubstep
by crashride November 03, 2010
Skrillex first started out in a post-hardcore band called From First To Last. He was the lead vocalist and had to leave the band due to vocal problems.

He then started a solo project under his own name, Sonny Moore. Releasing free downloads via myspace and such. He never took his Sonny Moore project too far, and then he started Skrillex.

When he first started producing electronic music under the name we know him by today, Skrillex. He produced a lot of emotional progressive house and trance music. If you are somewhat new to Skrillex I suggest you check out some of his older songs like "Slats Slats Slats" and "Make Things For Smile."

In early 2010 he released his "My Name is Skrillex EP" which consisted of 6 tracks. The first signs of his dubstep productions appeared in this EP with his track "Fucking Die 1."

Later on in 2010 his "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP" was released on Deadmau5's label Mau5trap. This is the one that got him famous as his video on Youtube for "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" has almost 70 million hits.

In 2011 he released two EPs, "More Monsters and Sprites" in June and "Bangarang" in December. Also in 2011, he played over 320 live shows and produced music on his tour bus.

In 2012 he won 3 grammy awards. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" won best dance recording and the whole EP won best electronica album. His remix of Benny Benassi's "Cinema" also won best remixed recording.
As of now Skrillex fans are awaiting his next studio album, which is said to be called "Voltage." The only song that is confirmed to be on the album is "Voltage" which Skrillex made on his tour bus and played at shows in 2011. Many popular videos of Skrillex's live shows consist of him playing "Voltage."
by Bumgazer February 28, 2012
A fictional, super strong woven lightweight composite material used for making gas turbine engine compressor blades and various other components.
This rotor is made out of molded skrillex with a titanium leading edge.
by Tvvvvvdstvvvvl November 22, 2011
Skrillex is part of a wave of American producers coming into dubstep from other genres. More often than not, these beatmakers make a violent racket characterized by overwhelming midrange "wobble" basslines, and have a general obsession with gore, macabre and the almighty "filth." It's "mosh" music as opposed to dance music.

He lends his music miles away from the garage and dub-inspired scenes in the UK.

His sound is overbearingly plain and simple. While he has a firm grasp on melody that eludes many of his peers, they're usually coated in headache-inducing layers of abrasive muck. The trancey hook of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' title track is equal to nails on a chalkboard, and the less said about its onomatopoeic bass growls the better.
My friend totally agrees that Skrillex sounds like a cat getting fucked up the arse with a jackhammer.
by Dexcell October 09, 2011
a series of random noises encouraged by dubstep lovers
YES, Oh my God! That is definately Skrillex.
by KMKurbstomp July 16, 2011
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