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A wannabe poser who bites everyones steeze and tries to claim it as his own. Typically found in Arizona, this person tries to front like he's got it going on by buying expensive items on credit. Most noteable for calling himself "Skrilla" as to try portray himself as a "cool guy"
—Synonyms 1. King of Queers, Skittles, Josh
Yo, did that dude just call himself "Skrilla", what a fag!
by AnonPanda March 07, 2007
20 66
Skrilla - money/mulla/doe/cheeze/ you know cash
You best not mess with my skrilla!
by Disturbed April 21, 2004
1055 173
Money, esp. U.S. paper currency
Shit, even with this job, I need mo' skrilla.
by anonymous February 19, 2003
439 199
money, cash, paper, dough, etc.
After working for Sportsman's Warehouse full-time during the summer, he made mad skrilla.
by jeFFro April 08, 2004
358 163
paper,money,mint,government.......THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR BILL YALL!!!!
imma kick him in his ass if he don't have my skrilla
by church hill bruh December 30, 2003
165 157
skrill-a skrill-uh noun
1. Any circulating medium of exchange, including coins, paper money, and demand deposits.
2. Benjamins, booty, cash money, coin son, ends, flow, dolla dolla bills ya'll
"Yo dawg, dis dude here owes me some mad skrilla"
by jtgreg77 February 06, 2014
4 0
money, cash, green
Damn shortay I aint gonna roll all the way over souf side unless yous gots sum gas skrilla...recanize!
by Mikey D September 12, 2003
164 178
A word, orginating in Chicago, for Money.
"after I cash this check, ima have Madd Skrilla"
by Will O. January 12, 2005
78 108