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The sound effect of an insect, its "voice" when audible in a high pitch threatening tone
A stag beetle:

by Cleany May 14, 2004
Sound effect of an alien racing to a person or animal, also can be used when lunging.
Marine: "There all over sarge, were all dead!"
Alien: *Skree!*
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
The stain left in a pair of underwear after an especially juicy fart.
After eating the chili-cheese dog, I was forced to throw away my drawers due to the foul smelling skree that had accumulated below my crouch.
by Exerias21 June 13, 2008
Orc hunter of <Reforged>. Know for lengthy diatribes regarding Blizz's apparent hatred of the hunter class. Skree's evidence of the anti-hunter bias includes the inability of hunters to equip warglaives (obvious hunter loot), wear plate, self heal, or one-shot all other classes.

"You shoulda heard Skree bitching about rogue misdirect last night."
by Lowpass February 04, 2009