(Pronounced like "Douche") When one or more individuals say the same word at the same time one may say "Skouche" and the other/ others may not speak until their name is said by someone other than themselves. (Referred to as "Being Skouched")
1) For every word you speak while "Skouched" you earn a punch in the arm.
2) Cannot skouche songs, jingles, or chants.
3) Cannot skouche the word salamander.
4) If more than one person says skouche at the same time, the first to repeat the word skouche wins. In the event that it is said simultaneously more than twice, rock, paper, scissors is used to determine who is skouched.
5) Name must be spoken by another person that is with you. Phone calls, answering machines, etc. do not count.
6) If you mistakenly skouche punch someone they are allowed to punch you back an equal amount.
I just skouched this guy, no one say his name.

A-"Why did you hit me?!" B-"That's five more..."
by The Nater February 13, 2013

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