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Skullfire + Cookie = Retardedness, wait... no skookie
Skookie is afraid of chipmunks
by Father Goat March 02, 2004
A drink mix;

Skeet + Dookie = Skookie

Also used as a salad dressing, to make skook salad
"I'd like a tall glass of Skookie, extra pulp!"
by Covin January 10, 2008
1.) One who inflicts injury upon oneself.
2.) An act of retardation.
1.) He just skooked and lost all his digits.
2.) You pulled a skook
by Skookie May 23, 2005
The young offspring of a very rare, native New Zealand bird, commonly referred to as a "skooken",. Skookens are very elegant, pretty birds with large white tail feathers. Skookens are capable of flight, but generally do not fly as much as other birds due to the weight of their tail feathers, which prevents them from remaining airborn for long periods of time. Skookens are nonetheless very happy birds, however, and are revered and admired by tourists from around the world who are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them in their remote habitat. Skookens prefer to eat worms and small fish, as they live near the ocean. They spend their time playing in the water, laying out in the sun, playing with one another, and eating.
Skookens are a protected species of bird and cannot be hunted or trapped.
Somewhat similar to an albatross, but prettier and smarter.
by MAE November 01, 2004
A cookie baked in a cast iron skilet
Come over to my house for a chocolate chip skookie.
by Aunt Myma Pancake November 04, 2015
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