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Someone from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania also known as the Coal Region. If you've never met a Skook, then you're missing out on a very distinct part of society. Grammar is one of the defining attributes and you might often hear words and phrases such as "Yo bot, got any chew bot?" and "Ay, yous guys, yous wanna go get wasted and down a few Jägerbombs?" If you ever meet someone from the Coal Region, you will recognize them immediately.
Skook 1: "Yo butt, got any chew der butt?"

Skook 2: "Nah man, I spent all my money on shit from Abrachinsky's, yo."

Skook 1: "Well, you should get yer ass in gear and we'll trow back some keggers and boilo at the 'DC or hit the weed like a champ."

Skook 3: "Yous guys are a bunch of fuckin' Skooks."
see schuykill
The skook at the dollar general had 4 teeth.
by Dana January 17, 2004
(noun) A tuxedo cat: a feline with a black coat, white paws, a white belly and often with a white mask on the face.

(proper noun) Your tuxedo cat.
I adopted a skook from the SPCA.

Of all the stray cats in the neighborhood, the skook is the most clever one.

My cat always uses the litter box, he's a good Skook!
by dj wish October 01, 2011
The online pseudonym of the website administrator of the Green Screen, who recently allowed a local wanna be politician push him around like a little punk.
Skook is Padora's butt boy.
by Yorkville Crusader July 15, 2011
A word that sounds like an ethnic slur and insult, but actually isn't. To be used when you want to sound insulting to a group of people, without actually using an insulting slur.
I hate how those people think they're cool just standing behind the school smoking cigarettes." "Yeah, those fucking skooks.
by poptart2nd July 02, 2010
Verb: To fart out semen after it has been ejaculated into the anus.

Noun: Semen that has been farted out of the ass.
After fucking her in the ass she went and skooked in the toilet.

The skook had a slight brown tinge to it.
by Doctor Shakalu June 02, 2008
messed up frook walking around with no other way to define it
hey look at that skook over there
by screwedupfrook April 27, 2009
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