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1. (noun): Can be used in any venue or circumstance for which the actual appropriate word may not be "HR approved"; like a placeholder.
2. (noun): A word used to describe an object for which you have no clue the actual name of.
ex. #1 "We finally left the restaurant, and she had her hand on my Skonovich the whole ride home!" or "The cat left a fresh steaming Skonovich on the floor." or "Her Skonovich was putrid, and I can't believe I did that."

ex. #2 "We can fix your brakes, but I'm not so sure about the Skonovich." or " Can you hand me the that, uh, um, right there - yeah - that Skonovich." or "Inside my computer there's a million little cables, diodes, and a weird flashing Skonovich."
by D-Nuts McNizzle October 24, 2010
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