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skonka is a spanglish slang for a scandalous bitch/female that sleeps around ALOT and sees nothin wrong with it..or just another word for a girl...
fuck that skonka!
that bitch chole is a fuckin skonka
damn that skonkas fine!
I fucked the shit out of that skonka!
by WeZiE May 17, 2006
A girl named mayra who hops from homie to homie. She's a dirty skonka.
Person 1: Dayumm look at the skonka!
Person 2: Fuuhckk Mayra that homie hopper!
by Mano;Mensito;Dominito;Popito March 15, 2010
Spanish term for a loose female. A floozy
Hey did you know I hooked up with that bartender? Dude, we all did, she's a skonka!
by Pirata Grasoso January 22, 2012
A word used to define stupid people that a act like bitches and don't leave you the fuck alone.
" Hey, you know that fool Angel ? "
" Yeahh..he is such a damn SKONKA..."
by Edwin Saldana December 21, 2003
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