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A Norwegian slang word for "bitches" or someone that's generally being a pussy.
Guy 1: Hei Morten! hvordan gikk det med hu skløtta i går?
Guy 2: Knall! Hu tok med seg skløtte veninna si også! Alle gode ting er 3.
by Acherontia August 12, 2012
A "Skløtte" is the area in between the anus and your Genital. Mostly used in Norwegian slang.
Ta meg I Skløttà
(ruffly translated to: please have sexual intercourse with me) but the "feel" of the phrasing makes it more acceptable between bros. almost like "No homo"

det gjør vondt i Skløtta
(My Skløtte hurts) Commonly used if you have fallen on your ass.
by Evil_jesus March 09, 2015
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