a random uniform / un-uniform assortment of pharmaceutical / pill(s) that make people giggle & smile more like a young person eating the S painted jewels
Yo this exam safety officer talked about he liked referring to those safe & effective smilers ... like I said them skittles , old tripped epic hard cant take a kleenex inside smiler

Our super seniors & skinny hoes love them skittles
by safetyadvisor29 September 24, 2011
the name some people give for thier penis
dude i got laid last night i put my skittles in her tang
by skittle freak April 16, 2010
Another word for skills that are super cool and unrepeated.
Oooh I got mad skittles!!!
by Dusty Poster December 06, 2008
The smaller pieces of poop that don't quite make it on the first flush.
"babe! You left some skittles in the toilet. Make sure you flush twice!"
by portorikan May 25, 2008
A mixture of semen and flavored beverage; usually juice. The mixture must take place entirely within the mouth, otherwise the sollude is called bukakke.
-So, I hear your girlfriend enjoys skittles.
by joberstc June 07, 2007
- Bite sized candies that come in various fruits

- Slang for "skills"
- Skittles are yummy.

- "He's got mad skittles!"
by Justin H. April 29, 2005
skitsofrenic. someone who is truly crazy!! THIS IS THE r e a l d e f f e n i t i o n!! someone whose a skittle might qualify for the following things:
(most if not all are necessary to be a skitsofrenic, not just one)

sits in weird positions
laughs randomly for a long time
makes up werid words (like skittle)
gets angry for no reason
has multiple personalities
takes naps
gets depressed
gets very very hyper
makes weird noises
sings (not necessarily well) for no reason
damn, that skittle is so fuckin annoying that she might actually be cool. she needs to stop sitting with her legs behind her head and humming though...
by zoloft43 August 05, 2004

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