The best fucking thing in the world.
Rainbows......and gold.

Can also be used as
"Taste my rainbow bitch"
"To you want some skittles"
by Raiinbowface July 18, 2008
like a pill to get you high
SHAWTY-LO:No one but two all I needed was a skittle
by koolademan November 30, 2007
another name for ex,beans,or rolls
eightball featuring devious "pop another skittle slip the panties off that lil frame bang extra long time got hers got mine."
by balahaulic September 07, 2007
A Caucasian hip-hop wannabe; poseur. A cross-reference to the popular candy and contemporary rapper Eminem. The skittle looks hard like an M&M (Eminem), but reveals itself to be truly soft and fruity.
That white kid Kyle acts all street, but he's just a skittle.
by XLT June 13, 2004
Birth-Control Pills
Don't forget to take your skittles!
by Pacie June 14, 2011
Another word for candy-coated Meth.
"Hey man, can I hit you up for some skittles?"
by NocturnalCutie May 02, 2010
having a bag of all different kinds and colors of rolls
Man andy had a super heady bag of skittles on umphreys tour 07
by cwcwwcwc April 25, 2007
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