Street name for Salvia.

Often used in front of people who don't agree with taking salvia.
Mainly parents and teachers.
Person 1: so are we doing skittles next week?
Person 2: yeah, but why you calling it skittles.
Person 1: i thought the teacher was listening.
by melikeganja January 30, 2010
An underage scene queen. Often Jailbait. Called skittles because they're small and their clothes are very colorful.
Check out the look on Josh's face! Those skittles are all over him and they're like 10 years younger than him!!!
by xtankgirlx October 15, 2009
A fruit or other type of flavored candy.
It has a chewy center but hard candy coated outside,with a letter "S" wriitten on it.
This Candy Is Made By The Mars Company.
Skittles come in many different flavors such as:
Smoothie,And many more.!
"Would you like some Skittles?"

"Sour Skittles are my favorite kind of skittles!"
by Sammi = ] x333 April 20, 2009
the nickname of the mst awsome pearson alive
woman: damn skittles you got serius steele
skittles: i know but thats the way i am
by skittles aka steele January 07, 2009
The best fucking thing in the world.
Rainbows......and gold.

Can also be used as
"Taste my rainbow bitch"
"To you want some skittles"
by Raiinbowface July 18, 2008
like a pill to get you high
SHAWTY-LO:No one but two all I needed was a skittle
by koolademan November 30, 2007
another name for ex,beans,or rolls
eightball featuring devious "pop another skittle slip the panties off that lil frame bang extra long time got hers got mine."
by balahaulic September 07, 2007

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