"Woman" that is all tatted up, dances on a bar for a living, drinks like a fish and naiively thinks that men marry girls that jiggle for a living.
See Skittles on the bar over there?
Yes, why?
Still holding on for a ring from Gil.
Oh please! He will never marry that bow chica wow skank and move home with her.
by Anberlynn January 07, 2011
A fag
look at those skittles holding hands
by jimmyjackjohn April 04, 2010
Someone who's bicurious. As in, they want to taste the rainbow.
"Did you see that girl checking us out and kinda blushing?"
"She looked kinda straight..."
"Naw, she's totally a skittle!"


"I think it'd be kinda hot to try it with a boy..."
"You're such a skittle, dude."
by vcg June 09, 2009
When a girls nipples are hard and show through her shirt.
Damn, look at the skittles on that girl.
by archie_ball_10 November 19, 2010
The word Skittles is an adjective that is often used when referring to the most adorable cat in the world. This type of cat is known for its love of Eskimo kisses and cuddling.
Brother: Wow, your cat is really cute.

Sister: Yeah, she's very skittles.
by Skittlededo November 04, 2010
Street name for Salvia.

Often used in front of people who don't agree with taking salvia.
Mainly parents and teachers.
Person 1: so are we doing skittles next week?
Person 2: yeah, but why you calling it skittles.
Person 1: i thought the teacher was listening.
by melikeganja January 30, 2010
An underage scene queen. Often Jailbait. Called skittles because they're small and their clothes are very colorful.
Check out the look on Josh's face! Those skittles are all over him and they're like 10 years younger than him!!!
by xtankgirlx October 15, 2009

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