Hard Nipples on the female titties - the big things or boobs.
Come and suck on my tasty ass skittles.
by real_sneakerhead_nikka June 06, 2014
A delicious fruity candy. The best in the world. Exactly like Nazis, you can rid the world of as many as you like and never get a bad taste in your mouth.
Insert first generic name here: Hey dude I got some skittles.

Insert second generic name here: I'll kill your entire family if you don't give me any.
by SgtBanana January 06, 2014
A Skittle is another word used as a description for a hoe
That girl is a "Skittle" she has slept with every man out there
by Harnaik pattar November 23, 2013
The universal "code word" used during a conversation to tell everyone to quickly change the subject because someone who should not be included or who should not overhear the conversation is hanging around and/or is approaching.
"Dave's having a party tonight! We should sneak over."
"We should, but don't tell Jessica. She's so lame."
"I know, she's uglier than hell too and-"
*Sees Jessica approaching* "Skittles!"
*Jessica arrives*
"-and those are my favorite candies too! What about you, Jessica, do like skittles?"

"I hate that teacher. He's such a dick."
"Agreed. He thinks he's such a badass and-"
*Sees said teacher approaching* "Skittles."
"-What lovely weather we have today. I hope it doesn't rain."
*Teacher passes by*
by xkatex2 September 22, 2012
The freakin' best candy in the whole freakin' world.

Taste the freakin' rainbow.
You: I just had the best freakin' candy in the world!
Me: You're freakin' talking about Skittles aren't you?
by Pseudononmyous Bosch November 02, 2011
Slang for condoms.
"Do you have any skittles?"
by Cyan1deSandwich September 25, 2011
When a man presses their lips into the skin of a woman’s cleavage, blowing lightly and oscillating the head left and right in a continuous motion

Another phrase for the more common phrase "to motorboat."
Imma skittle you.
by Dostoyevski10 June 08, 2011

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