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An alcoholic beverage in which you dissolve skittles in vodka. Typical recipes call for 10 skittles per fl. oz. of vodka. Let sit for a few days, and shake occasionally.
"Hey Spooka, try this drink, it's called Skittles." -Smurf
"This is delicious." -Spooka
by LucaSpooka October 07, 2010
A large group of Baltimore Sport and Social Club members all wearing their team shirts together at the same time. The result is a colorful group of human "skittles".
"Dude, don't go into that bar right now, its loaded with skittles!"
by wallyTour September 30, 2009
Someone who's bicurious. As in, they want to taste the rainbow.
"Did you see that girl checking us out and kinda blushing?"
"She looked kinda straight..."
"Naw, she's totally a skittle!"


"I think it'd be kinda hot to try it with a boy..."
"You're such a skittle, dude."
by vcg June 09, 2009
A way cooler way of saying skills
Whoa man! You got some mad skittles!
by Lyssa DL May 07, 2008
Hard Nipples on the female titties - the big things or boobs.
Come and suck on my tasty ass skittles.
by real_sneakerhead_nikka June 06, 2014
"Woman" that is all tatted up, dances on a bar for a living, drinks like a fish and naiively thinks that men marry girls that jiggle for a living.
See Skittles on the bar over there?
Yes, why?
Still holding on for a ring from Gil.
Oh please! He will never marry that bow chica wow skank and move home with her.
by Anberlynn January 07, 2011
A fag
look at those skittles holding hands
by jimmyjackjohn April 04, 2010