Another name for a sorority girl:
"All different colours but they all taste the same!"
"Look at that skittle over there, always wearing her Phi Mu stuff everyday."
"Yeah, I know, she's such a skittle."
"A skittle? The hell do you mean?"
"Even though she dresses differently from the other twelve girls next to her, she's EXACTLY the same as all the them!"
by Darienish January 15, 2009
A delicious fruity candy. The best in the world. Exactly like Nazis, you can rid the world of as many as you like and never get a bad taste in your mouth.
Insert first generic name here: Hey dude I got some skittles.

Insert second generic name here: I'll kill your entire family if you don't give me any.
by SgtBanana January 06, 2014
Women in their 30's and 40's that still naively think that they are still sexy enough to be dancing on the bar for a living. Usually found on a bar, stripper pole or in a cage the Skittles has no real friends, just customers and people that laugh behind her back and her big jiggly ass, fake books and ringless finger.
Look at Casey over there!
You mean the Skittles dancing on the bar?
Yes! 30 and still dancing on a bar for a living.
by LittleLatinLupe July 29, 2011
When a man presses their lips into the skin of a woman’s cleavage, blowing lightly and oscillating the head left and right in a continuous motion

Another phrase for the more common phrase "to motorboat."
Imma skittle you.
by Dostoyevski10 June 08, 2011
Hard Nipples on the female titties - the big things or boobs.
Come and suck on my tasty ass skittles.
by real_sneakerhead_nikka June 06, 2014
The freakin' best candy in the whole freakin' world.

Taste the freakin' rainbow.
You: I just had the best freakin' candy in the world!
Me: You're freakin' talking about Skittles aren't you?
by Pseudononmyous Bosch November 02, 2011
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