When you take a shit and you get a bunch of funky colors. shit + funky colors + in a potty = a pot of skittles
wow. my shit looks like skittles
by Mic August 05, 2004
The ejaculate that results from the performance of oral sex on a man. This ejaculate is particularly warm, sweet and pleasing to some ladies when the man has eaten chocolate or something else sweet.
Suzie was anxious to drink David's skittles after feeding him sweets all night.

MMMMMMM...Taste the rainbow!!!
by Guido Fornocca April 23, 2005
"Hell Yes!!"
1. Skittles, I got my new track jacket.
2. Man, I soo failed that last test.. 25% SKIT-TELLS.
by Nevness January 06, 2005
Rapper Eminem's brother's knickname during his short attempted stint as a rapper.

Also see: Sninkers
Eminem is my favorite rapper,thats why named myself skittles.
by Kevin May 13, 2004
another word for crank, slang for white powder methamphetamine; not ice
She's been smokin' too much of dat skittles.
by priddy_flutterby September 05, 2006
Polly-Anne's fave food! I love you Polly! your like my sister!
Polly is so rockin' wassup,wassup? REMIX! wawawawa ssssup? sssup? waaaaasup?
by Josephine Greene May 05, 2003
a new word to use besides "tight"
Mann, that shit is Skittles!
by Mike Sharpe March 03, 2005

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