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A homosexual / fags gay
Those Skittles should go the fuck away and taste the rainbow.
by AZ Wade March 30, 2007
Hard Nipples pertruding outward until able to be seen by the naked eye.
"damn bitch, I can see them skittles through your shirt"
by titts mcgee February 12, 2006
emo food.
emo girl: hey you got the skittles?

emo guy: yea you got the razor?
by shawty royal July 10, 2008
a nasty, colorful, fruit flavored candy
Q: how do gay gangsters do drive-bys?
A: throw skittles and shout "TASTE THE RAINBOW BITCHES!!!"
by skittles suck March 01, 2008
A synonym for skid-marks.
He had skittles in his underwear!
by J-Gurl June 25, 2007
A name to say around teachers in middle school that is the equivilent of asshole and ass. It was given to a particularly dumb kid at our school who made everyone hate him. It has been used as a derogatory term ever since, and we have been trying to spread it around wherever we can. Hopefully this will help.
Did you hear that drunk kid at the party last night?

Yeah, that was totally Skittles.
by Klopp May 08, 2007
um.... probably the coolest nickname in the entire world. given by like um.. probably the coolest person in the entire world or whatever.
Skittle you are mad cool. i think i'm gonna cut my hair like you, since you are like the coolest kid i've ever met. my mom will get pissed, but i'll be all like, 'yea... whateva mom.' pssssht mom has been a real party pooper lately. but she's still cool. yo, if i die, we should like... call her skittle... or whateva... yea. sick
by pssht, skittle. duh January 31, 2005