skitsofrenic. someone who is truly crazy!! THIS IS THE r e a l d e f f e n i t i o n!! someone whose a skittle might qualify for the following things:
(most if not all are necessary to be a skitsofrenic, not just one)

sits in weird positions
laughs randomly for a long time
makes up werid words (like skittle)
gets angry for no reason
has multiple personalities
takes naps
gets depressed
gets very very hyper
makes weird noises
sings (not necessarily well) for no reason
damn, that skittle is so fuckin annoying that she might actually be cool. she needs to stop sitting with her legs behind her head and humming though...
by zoloft43 August 05, 2004
Top Definition
Fruit-flavored bite-sized candy. Also know as the best candy ever
Damn. Those skittles was so good
by Kaela Tyler March 20, 2006
Coricidin (DXM) abusers refer to the bright-red pills as "Skittles."
by Clark July 31, 2003
also known as beans, ecstasy, rolls, E, X, Adam, Stacy, Clarity
Hey dawg how much for 30 skittles?
by StreetGutta January 26, 2007
n. The clitoris of a woman's vagina.
"Come diddle my skittle..." -Peaches
by Cooper S. July 16, 2005
With Skittle bag, sometimes used to refer to miscellaneous heterogeneous mix of various narcotic pills, jumbled up in a bag (usually leftovers donated to the communal skittle bag). Often multicolored like a bag of skittles. Incredibly dangerous, as the actual contents are often unknown, and, thusly, the effects are often a surprise high.
Yo, break open the bag o' skittles and let's do some lines.
by captain phoenix May 09, 2006
multicolored candies. they are fruity. there are also tropical fruit skittles. skittles are sweet.
have some skittles, taste the rainbow!
by katttttttty March 29, 2005
Prescription narcotic pill, usually round and colorful. Often OxyContin or other factory-manufactured controlled substances.
I'm meeting him after work to pick up a few Skittles for us to enjoy over the weekend.
by Ethermen January 29, 2009
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