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This word has SEVERAL definitions

1. A British form of ninepins, in which a wooden disk or ball is thrown to knock down the pins.

2. One of the pins used in the british ninepin game, skittles.

3. Another insulting name for a homosexual

4. Another name (or abrreviation) for a skitsofrenic

5. A really awesome way to say "cool" or "awesome" (this usage of this word is mostly native to Southern California)

1. How bout' we have a game of skittles?

2. There are nine skittles in this game (hence the name "ninepins")

3. Go taste the rainbow you fricken skittle!

4. Is that guy talking to himself? He must be a skittle!
5. Oh my gosh! Brandons new guitar is sooo skittle!
by Nicolethe14 February 17, 2006
7 11
A large woman wearing a colored dress (i.e. red, orange, yellow, etc.). A group of large women (preferably 4 or more) wearing colorful attire can be referred to as a "bag" of skittles.
Don't look now. There's a purple skittle at your 5 o'clock.
by boomboom7:21 October 19, 2010
77 57
2003 to 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4
Went down to the track Friday and there were 4 skittles running low 11's
by Tolly November 29, 2005
145 125
A large handful of prescribed medications.
Damn woman, that's a shit load of skittles.
by tigerman-i-am June 11, 2010
13 2
Adjective describing someone who gets around a lot and who you expect to possess numerous STIs.

"oh, you know Albert? He's well skittles. Sarah gave him head and told me she could taste the rainbow!"
by EmpressImpress May 03, 2010
68 61
Exo's also known as "tabs." These are pills that come in single-stack, double-stack, and triple-stack. They make you feel like your floating, or in a sense "rolling." They're notoriously taken in clubs to enhance the clubing atmosphere due to the lights and loud music.
Hey man, you dont know how to get some skittles?
by --Loreal-- April 29, 2009
43 36
A blast of rainbow in circular form.
Skittles taste like rainbows, therefore they taste like water." Said the nonbeliever.
by Vladimir E. September 27, 2009
30 25
An overrated pole dancing naiive skank that thinks that men marry women that pole dance for a living. Usually found on a pole or bar the Skittles only "friends" use her for free drinks while laughing at her manly tattoos, jiggly ass or what she calls "dancing". AKA a bow chicka wow skank.
Heather is dancing tonight.
Good! We can toss her a compliment and get some free drinks since she is working the pole tonight.
What compliments?! Shes a Skittles man!
by Lichee January 15, 2011
14 11