A mix of being both skittish and a little sketchy
The cat always acts skitchy around new people, so do not try to pick her up.
by athomemom May 21, 2009
Top Definition
Feeling out of sync with the world and.or reality. Out of sorts
I always feel a bit skitchy on Mondays.
by midiwall January 26, 2009
agitated, out of sorts, nervous, and irritable.
When I don't get enough magnesium in my diet, I always start feeling skitchy.
by Vokation June 16, 2009
to take something from somebody without their consent. the idea is to notify them as you are taking their stuff, without giving them sufficient time to reject you offer.
I couldn't help myself from taking the skitchy when Levi ordered a better coffee than mine yesterday.
by alicemunroewallace October 18, 2010
A slight amount of course male facial hair, rough to the touch. More than a 5 o'clock shadow but less than anything that could be considered a full beard. Usually associated with scruffy sexiness. Can be used to describe the actual facial hair or the guy who has it (this is when it becomes associated with sex appeal)
You had a little bit of skitch that night.

Look over there. Look at him, he's so skitchy!
by heckabecca July 03, 2010
adj. dressing well to impress others.
Dan had to dress extra skitchy to get into the club tonight.
by Brainfreeze01 February 15, 2007
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