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skism: tension or rift, caused by known or unknown source, with someone in your connected social/professional circle
Teresa and Claudia used to have skism, but now it's squashed

Me and Joe got mad skism, I hope he doesn't come to the party tonight.

why is there all this skism between us?
by blaisenyc April 02, 2011
7 7
The name of a hacker group that existed from the late 80s through (at least) the middle to late 90s. They worked jointly on an e-zine with Phalcon called 40hex, a newsletter dedicated to the study, dissection, reconstruction and development of Computer Virus programs, and ultimately published Virus Constructor (also known as the VCL MPCG) which would auto-generate the code and binaries for polymorphic virus programs of all known forms (of the time.)
"It's a shame that hacker groups such as Phalcon/Skism no longer exist today."
by NOSliwes November 21, 2009
12 9
Another word for awesome or cool, but it can be used as an adjective or verb.
Robert is so skism. He let me cheat off of his paper, and I made a 100%.

I just skismed that game. I have the new high score.
by Darth Kmac February 18, 2011
4 6
It can mean an array of things, ranging from idiot to any object you want to call something else.
Dude, you're such a skism sometimes.

Hey, hand me that skism over there.
by The_One_and_Only_Skism_Girl February 03, 2004
9 23