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See also Irvington NJ.

Hell Hole

Home of real gang wars between Bloods and Crips.

Looking for smoke, dope, crack, whack, smack, uppers, downers, ludes, crank, dust? You can get it here, but just be warned that you'll probably end up getting your car jacked...which really wouldn't matter much after getting capped in the face. Once they ID your body, there will be no investigation and it won't be reported to the media.

There has been talk about building a moat or a really large fence around the city in recent years.

In the 60s, Olympic Park, a huge amusement park, was located here since 1887 but shut down after riots of African American teens from Newark in 1965.

Sam: Yo, lets go to 40th to score a bag

Frank: All you bro - u must have a deathwish to drive through Skirvington - especially at 3am

by JoeRanelli December 13, 2007
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