euphemism for vagina.
Dude, did you see Brittney's skirt steak when she got out of the car?
by Duetforsports July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Extra beefy vaginas. With a side of au jus.
So after we got back from the bar I pulled down her panties and guess what plopped out.. A fuckin' skirt steak!
by CoRPSx February 28, 2011
Excessive or extreme sexual activity that leads to a female's labia looking like a thinly sliced flappy piece of beef.
Scott's old skank asked if he was hungry for a piece of her skirt steak.
by marinate n serve March 04, 2005
An older womans pussy lips
Scott Said his old ladies pussy looked like a skirt steak!
by Scotts Steak Fest March 04, 2005
A piece of smoking hot hispanic pussy.

Explanation: The meat of choice of the hispanics is skirt steak and no one cooks it better, therefore, that juicy piece of meat translates well to great hispanic pussy. Not to mention of course, that the meat under a skirt is clearly pussy.
Man, that Rosalita is a serious piece of skirt steak!
by Headmonger January 05, 2010
An older ladies Vaginal region
she was older than I was used to so her pussy was more like a skirt steak than a strip steak
by He got steak March 04, 2005
An old womans pussy lips and wrinkled inner thighs
Scott was bangin an old lady and said her box looked like a skirt steak
by steaks-a-lot March 04, 2005
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