a fag, pussy, or bitch
- "why must you always talk about breasts and viginas, cant you like a girl for her personality?"
-"wow, you are such a fuckin' skirt"
by seagargwt February 25, 2006
To cause a tires to spin, esp. in cars. Also see PEEL OUT.
Them fools was lockin' it up and skirtin' out!
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003
An insult referring to a female who embodies the characteristics of a hippo, forest giraffe or larger sized hairless cat.
Don't be such a stupid skirt.
by Jebbahnarry May 16, 2006
A lesbian's cover-up boyfriend. See also beard.
Lisa is such a dyke, it's obvious that her boyfriend is just her skirt.
by not a caker yo March 23, 2004
emergency umbrella, just be sure to use a rounded stick
While walking with my girlfriend to the movies it began to pour. I had no umbrella, but my girlfriend was wearing a skirt and I happened to have a baseball bat handy. My arms were sour, but my hair was still sharp.
by alpot April 10, 2006
equal parts rasberry vodka, redbull, pineapple juice. in pint galss over ice.
holy fuck i'm wasted off these skirts.
by nignig December 19, 2005
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