a noob. A skirt is specifically a noob on psn (playstaion network). The term came in use on Killzone2 online.
Harrison-"Dude your such a fucking skirt you suck at Killzone man"

Tyler - "Leave me alone, if it was COD4 i could beat you"

Harrison- "but its not, you skirt"
by major coXsore March 05, 2009
Someone, primarily a male who is heavily controlled by his girlfriend
Dude: Yo bring those cheese fries over here, im starving.
Skirt: Sorry i cant these are for my girlfriend.
Dude: Come on dude, dont be such a skirt.

Dude 1: You going out with us tonight?
Skirt: No, my girlfriends wants me to hang out with her tonight.
Dude 2: What a skirt.
by hernandorodriguez April 28, 2013
Easy Female
Too many skirts in the club, where's the real women?
by Eyez April 09, 2003
A term peculiar to winos - a "skirt" is the brown paper bag which holds the bottle. Most often used when the fortified wine of choice is Wild Irish Rose.
"Gimme a pint of Rosie with a skirt, Apu."
by Rod Brock May 14, 2006
A noun used to identify a mildly above average slut. A girl that if one was ever lucky enough to catch her it would yeild bragging rights to all the guys.
ay three stacks.. check out dat skirt. All I would need is 3 and a half minutes... maybe even four.
by Michael Walsh November 15, 2007
Skirt is used to describe someone who is lame and often times "girly".
guy 1: "Hey man, you wanna' chug this beer with me?"

guy 2: "No way, chugging upsets my stomach, plus i have a lot of dishes to wash when i get home."

guy 1: "God you're a skirt."
by hot tub March 21, 2006
street for methamphetamine
Not a popular term as it is only used by people with a clue. If you dont have a clue, ice is for you.
Guy: hey i got some dope skirt, want some?
Me: na im cool wit this chewy
by yanar April 15, 2004

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