An evil article of cloting worn by females that conceals a part or all of on of their sexist parts of the body - legs.
I wish that girl's skirt was a bit shorter.
by Dildodo October 14, 2005
To be trashy / look like white trash / ghetto / ridiculous

The act of skirting is to look ghetto trashy as fuck.
Damn that bitch is skirting so hard she needs to get her ghetto ass booty outta here, take a look in the mirror, and change some clothes if she wants to be seen in public with us.
by TeachMeHow2Jerk April 25, 2010
The brown paper bag used to conceal a 40oz alcoholic beverage.
"Yeah, gimmie a 40 of 'cane widda skirt"
by Mr. BluePie December 05, 2008
To leave a place, usually in a hurry.
I gotta skirt, skirt outta here
by bouncin November 01, 2013
Someone, primarily a male who is heavily controlled by his girlfriend
Dude: Yo bring those cheese fries over here, im starving.
Skirt: Sorry i cant these are for my girlfriend.
Dude: Come on dude, dont be such a skirt.

Dude 1: You going out with us tonight?
Skirt: No, my girlfriends wants me to hang out with her tonight.
Dude 2: What a skirt.
by hernandorodriguez April 28, 2013
Calling out a mans manhood and/or general decision making.
Joe: Dan lets go to the bars tonight with all the guys.

Dan: Nah bro. just staying in tonight.

Joe: Stop being a fucking skirt, and lets get drunk!
by Fuckin' Lou February 03, 2010
A coward, pussy, etc.
Blake! Dont be such a skirt! Ride that boy!
by White Beyonce May 07, 2009

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