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skirt (skûrt): A derogatory remark. To insinuate that a person cant hang. To call someone a little girl, a pussy.
Natalie is being a skirt cuz she won't go out, she may need a Midol and tampon!
by Doug Amstutz May 18, 2008
38 26
to leave one location in a hurry...see peel out
Man I was beatin that kids bitch ass when them boys came thru, so I had to skirt up out that bitch
by Hybrid 216 December 03, 2003
53 43
A man that supposedly "dates" a lesbian to try and convince others that she is actually heterosexual.

The word comes from skirt, a garment worn by females considered to be feminime. It is the lesbain version of a beard.
Ashley: "Oh my God... Laura is so staring at Rachel's boobs. She is such a lesbian."

Brittany: "No way, she's dating Mark."

Ashley: "He's just her skirt."
by Sera Seeklorn February 23, 2010
11 5
A boy who gossips about everyone and everything around him, or talks way too much. This type of guy always has something to say about someone and often causes drama.
Friend 1: He's so annoying. All he does is sit around and talk shit about everyone!
Friend 2: Yeah! I don't even bother to talk to him because I know he's just looking for news and he can't keep his mouth shut!
Friend 1: What a skirt.
by C.eastern_connection September 12, 2009
13 9
To skirt is a verb, it means to straddle. It came about in the sixties when the free lovers would often straddle eachother in enclosed spaces while wearing skirts.
They laughed as Jimmy tried to skirt Jill.
by NoJo May 15, 2008
5 2
1. to leave a place
2. to run/ move quickly
"dawg, this party is weak. i'm fitting to skirt."

"did the cops come?"
"yeah, i had to skirt, i'm on probabtion man."
by Your Boy Stoops October 10, 2007
6 3
An old street term for Crystal Meth.
Skirthead 1: "Hey Skirthead 2, wanna do some skirt?"

Skirthead 2: "Hell yeah Skirthead 1, rock that shit!"
by MÅDA AMORÉ March 28, 2007
12 9