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The nasty yellowish green substance found on the rim of a toilet under the seat or in the danger zone; Bits of hair are often found embedded in skirch. Usually found in bathrooms where no women are present.
After years of not being cleaned the 7-eleven bathroom had a thick deposit of skirch
by Elliott Leonard April 07, 2008
The bitch to rule all other bitches. He was the smartest at his school, but has become a street rat. Usually bad at videogames, except guitar hero in which he is a pro rapist. Always takes long naps and stays up through all hours of the night.
Our roommate was such a Skirch last night.
by El Creeper December 15, 2009
(v).To leave, or take off from a cool situation that is no longer cool.
Yo, this party is not off the hook, I'm gonna skirch.
by Mark Abell December 17, 2004