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Usually a Real Nigga anywhere from 5'10 - 6'2 that fucks bitches and gets money. Seems to be successful in life from High School to Heaven. Breaks many bitches hearts but is too busy gettin' it. Always keeps it OneHunned. Paper is his passion. Fucks bitches in the butt, could possibly be related to his Big Balls. Doesn't worry like "make sure you save a slice for me". Opposite of "Pussy Nigga", "Bitch Nigga", and of course "Fake Nigga". Also referred to as "Young Nino" and/or "Big Beef". Refuses to fight over a Ho, due to the fact that he can get more pussy and/or is too busy gettin' it. Lets bitches know that he is not their boyfriend, he is their homie. Treats hoes like hoes as he should. Does not wanna get to know you. Does not wanna be your lover. Does not answer the phone. Won't text that bitch back.
T Raw, Skinny Nigga Big Balls.
by Young Nino Himself November 08, 2013
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