an obsessive wanker, someone who only ever thinks about sexual pleasure and has been known to wank off a morning glory
Omg my friend katie miller is such a skinner!
by George Cornhead November 26, 2007
A person that complains about or insults anything and everything and attempt to make the lives of others meaningless and unfulfilling.
Bob: "I like rainbows."

Skinner: "You are a fat, useless, internet-abusing virgin. Your opinion is wrong. HUD."
by Mr Mean Jeans June 16, 2010
When the foreskin of a males penis is pulled back by the fabric of their underwear or jeans, usually causing pain/ discomfort. also after coming down from a raging boner.
Yo dude, I cant do this test with this skinner.
by Blazeed May 12, 2010
to skinner: the act of skinnering. To have sexual relations with one awesome assistant director of the FBI. Said Assistant Director must live up to the qualities of A.D. Walter Skinner (portrayed by Mitch Pilegg) from the X-Files. Also to make make the aforementioned actor, Assistant Director of your heart.
If one of your friends scores with an awesome A.D. you might say, "Dude, you totally skinnered that Fed!"

Also: "Get your skinner on!"
by Deap Throat August 29, 2006
a skinner is when anal sex is performed with a woman and after pulling out the penis she then shits on you. This is totaly unintentional and usualy involves the exesive use of lubrication and not taking a dump befor having anal sex.
she had a skinner and just shit all over me...
by theryanocerous December 28, 2005
1. Slang for someone sent to prison for child molestation.

2. A fucking stupid as kid from Ladysmith B.C. Canada who walks around yelling "Skinner!!", "Heater!!", "Oh God Damn!!", "Rugged!!", or in some cases, "I smell some cunny!!". These kids say these things to try and offend people but are really making themselves look like idiots because 2 heroes made fun of them through song. These kids have no life ambition and rarely finish high school, or get a job. They are anti-social and unexcepted by society. They wear stupid dirty skateboarding clothes that dont fit and they dont wear belts. Interested in girls way younger than them.
"You fucking skinner, go get a job."
"Orvals a skinner!"
by Rugged November 27, 2005
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